Strategic Plan

  • Consistent Missional preaching and teaching about outreach and discipleship, so that the congregation maintains solid growth and multiplication of church plants
  • Cast a vision of engagement, focusing ministry on the goal of having each congregation plant a new congregation at least every 10 years. Preliminary plans should begin when the congregation has reached 50 adults in worship, with an intentional decision to split into two groups and plant a second site when the congregation reaches 100 adults in worship regularly
  • Each OELMS location will seek to partner with a local LCMS congregation willing to work with them in harmony towards our common goal of making disciples of all nations and eventually uniting in a way that increases diversity and furthers the mission of Christ
  • Evangelists are future pastors in training. OELMS congregations are to rise up the next generation of leaders from within the society. When a congregation has 50 adults worshiping, intentional efforts should be made to identify and choose someone for pastoral training
  • Strengthening OELMS leaders (Elders and Pastors) by clarifying existing leaders, and creating new leadership roles, and implementing supportive systems and procedures to facilitate collaboration